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  • : James JOYCE à Saint-Gérand-le-Puy
  • James JOYCE à Saint-Gérand-le-Puy
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6 mars 2009 5 06 /03 /mars /2009 12:37

Musicillogical Joyce 

International Workshop 

Zürich, August 2 – 8, 2009

The topic for the 2009 August Workshop is Music in all possible and profitable aspects: references, structures, songs, opera, sound, rhythm, performance, Joyce’s impact on composers, etc.  

As usual, we proceed by free, but carefully researched original presentations. There will be no reading of papers, no extended lectures, but every topic will be set up for instant participation. The emphasis is on critical and constructive discussion and expansive feedback. There is ample time for interaction and for follow-up or ad hoc sessions if new themes emerge. Early (9.30) morning sessions will be set apart for emerging themes or close looks.

The Foundation charges a nominal fee of Swiss Fr. 100 (one hundred) for one whole intensive week, mainly to cover part of our expenses. You will get a lot in return. Some evenings are devoted to social gatherings and possibly musical performances. The mid point, on Wednesday afternoon, is devoted to a Joycean city walk and the customary and ritual boat trip on the Lake of Zürich topped by a dinner.

We will assemble on Sunday, August 2, and officially disperse on August 8, Saturday afternoon. Naturally the resources of the Foundation are at your disposal also on the days before and after.

Please get in touch with us soon if you plan to take part and are willing to follow the guidelines. We cannot accommodate more than 20 active participants into our confined space, so do register early. Send in your topic and a revealing title in due time It is also advisable to look around for accommodation (Internet) in good time.

In your email correspondence be sure to include the distinctive key term “musicillogical” so that no message will get lost.

Previous workshops (on Cyclops, Oxen of the Sun, Eumaeus, II,1 of Finnegans Wake, Songs, Synaesthesia, Documentary InSights, Repetition/Negation, Dreaming, “Homer behind Joyce behind Homer”, Chance/Coincidence, Kitsch, Expectation, Performance, Alienation, Material Joyce, Naming, Errors & Mistakes) are listed on our website (www.joycefoundation.ch). 

Earlier participants  or previous reports in JJQJJ Broadsheet or JJLS will inform you about procedures, atmosphere and conviviality.

We are sure that we will have one more lively high level and stimulating week.

Ursula Zeller, Fritz Senn, Frances Ilmberger, Tanja Gubser, Ruth Frehner and Michelle Witen (<twinkling.sheep@gmail.com>)

Zürich James Joyce Foundation 

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